Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 Level Combination ch 18


I had this one sitting around mostly completed in my folders for a while, so I finished it today and am releasing it now. Enjoy. Or not.

I'm still on indefinite hiatus, as I'm busy with my job and my labwork (for those who wanted to know, yes I was accepted into the school I wanted, whoot).

The anniversary (bad word) for 3.11.11, the day of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, is coming up again. There are still people without homes and without the care they need. If you would like to help these people out, please try visiting relief sites. It doesn't have to be money either, you can go to your local Japanese club and I'm sure they'll be doing volunteer work.

In other news, Vendetta Scans officially "picked up" Aphorism a while ago but since I'm basically their only Japanese translator, that doesn't mean anything. It's a pity no one wants Water Cube, since I'd translate for that.


  1. Thanks for the release, glad to hear things are going well for you. :)
    I've asked 4-5 groups to pick this one up, no takers yet though >_<

  2. Nope. Ch.19 is coming out and hopefully I can binge out the rest of the chapters with Noctis. Hopefully other projects will be done as well.


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