Sunday, November 18, 2012

Extended Hiatus/Quitting

Well, anyone who still bothers to check my blog for updates probably saw this coming, but yes, I'm quitting the blog - or at least going on an extensive hiatus. I'm extremely busy with studies and applying for medical school. I might translate on the side for friends or maybe at other groups occasionally, but I'm done scanlating for now.

This means all my projects are up for grabs (Aphorism, Water Cube, 3 Level Combination, Aku no Meshitsukai).

I'm still interested in translating for Water Cube and Aku no Meshitsukai however, just not scanlating them by myself. If you are a group interested in picking it up, email me if you need a translator. (However Aku no Meshitsukai volume 2 has been put on hold by the author, so that may take a while).

It's been a fun journey.


  1. thanks for the heads-up and good luck!

  2. Thanks :) Take care and gambatte!

  3. Work hard man,just like when you translated stuff.

  4. so sad..
    but thank you for all your hard work. take care and good luck!

  5. Sorry to hear it PK but I certainly don't blame you. School is the most important. Solo scanlation really takes a lot out of you and everyone burns out after a while. The kind and supportive readers make you able to last a bit longer, but even so it's pretty inevitable. And the assholes make you wanna quick all that much sooner.
    I didn't expect you'd really have time for scanlation when you become a 天才お医者さん or anything.
    I'd really like to keep in touch!

  6. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I hope school goes well for you and good luck with medical school!


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