On hiatus, for the most part. I still do some freelance translation for other groups during my weekends however. 3 Level Combination is my only semi-active project at this point.

Aku no Meshitsukai released

Based on the hit program Vocaloid - enjoy!

Read Aphorism!

Aphorism's been transferred over to Vendetta Scans. Go over there to read (or even better, if you're interested in joining up to help out)!

3 Level Combination

3 Level Combination, now working on finishing it with Supreme Cream Scans!

Water Cube coming up

Water Cube's got the least priority of my projects, but I'll keep releasing till I'm done with volume 1, never fear.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Level Combination ch 12


Right, it's been a while. I got really lazy, but I managed to get this chapter done.

Also, I'm finally about to run out of 3LC cleans, so I'm looking for more webtoon cleaners (if any of my previous webtoon cleaners besides chys are reading this and wanna resume work, message me).

Enjoy the read. Aphorism ch 28 and Aku no Meshitsukai ch 3 are coming up next.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aku no Meshitsukai ch 02

I think I forgot something but oh well. Thanks to sumi for typesetting, and thanks to zilver for cleans...and me for translations while we're at it.

Enjoy the read.
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Aphorism ch 27 + ch 27.5


Brought to you with my joint partner LivelyScans.

Chapter 27.5 comes in both JPG and PNG. Can you notice a difference between the two? If so, comment and tell me your preference.

Yes, Aphorism chapters ARE this short. We are looking for experienced cleaners to help us release (even) faster.

Aphorism ch 28 might take a while because I can only find Chinese raws for it and I can't translate Chinese (I wish I could). Next will hopefully be Aku no Meshitsukai ch 2 and 3 Level Combination ch 12.

Enjoy the read.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aphorism ch 26


This is a short chapter, brought to you with the help of my joint LivelyScans. We are looking for cleaners btw.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Aku no Meshitsukai ch 01

Aku no Meshitsukai ch 01 has already been released, but I didn't like some of the inaccuracies so I figured we might as well do this as well.

Speaking of which, Neive Scans (the group I did this with) disappeared after chapter 01, so I'm looking for another group to do the rest of volume 1 with. I already have chapter 02 translated, and I can finish the rest of the volume quickly.

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Aphorism ch 25


Once again, arbitrarily putting volume as volume 7. This was made possible in cooperation with my partner LivelyScans.

There's also something I'd like to make clear to everyone. Most people just skip by the credits page, but if anyone does take a look, you'll notice that sometimes I am not listed as the translator(s) (I'm "pknoctis" if you didn't know). This is the case for chapter 25, and this means that the chapter was in Chinese. I cannot speak or read Chinese unfortunately, and I couldn't find any Japanese raws for this chapter, so we used a Chinese translator for this chapter (Zinion).

Thus I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these translations (translated from Japanese to Chinese to English is rarely completely accurate). MOST of the time however, I have Japanese raws.

Anyways Aphorism ch 26 coming up next.

Enjoy the read.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

3 Level Combination ch 11

"Dreams and Reality"

This took longer than I expected...You can blame Guilty Crown for that. I watched the entire series in one sitting, ignoring all texts, phone calls, duties...haha.

Aphorism ch 25 is coming up next.

Thanks for all the comments, and enjoy.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aphorism ch 24


That's right another release on the same day! Unless it's already the next day (like it is for me).

Someone please tell me which chapters are in which volumes.

Enjoy, thanks for commenting. Coming up next is 3 Level Combination, and I'm still waiting for the joint on Aku to work out...
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aphorism ch 23


I forgot to mention in the chapter - the title page says "the red and white colors of fear," this is referring to Sekia and Hakua. You write Sekia's name with the character for "red" and Hakua with the character for "white."

Enjoy. Aphorism ch 24 coming up next.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Aphorism ch 22


I have no idea what volume we are in at this point. I'll arbitrarily put vol 6 from now on, but if anyone knows, please tell me.

This is a short one but ch 23 will be longer. Also the quality is kind of crappy in this one because I think I accidentally gave the cleaner the chinese raws for this. But it shouldn't be too noticeable.

Enjoy the read.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Level Combination ch 10


Whew, done with all my finals (I did reasonably well).

Got this done this morning, Aphorism ch 22 is coming next, either tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon. Then, Aku no Meshitsukai if my joints work out.

Enjoy the read.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking for Raw Providers

Here's a profoundly irrelevant image and a random update post.

Unfortunately, I'm still only halfway through finals.

I am also finally looking for raw manga providers. I want raws for Water Cube or Luck Stealer but I will work on any manga series that I find interesting - on the conditions that they provide HQ scans that aren't available online for public use. No shoujo or josei will ever be accepted.

Anyways, Aphorism ch 22 coming up next (around Thursday/Friday), followed by 3LC ch 10, Aku no Meshitsukai, random Limit chapters, etc.
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