Saturday, March 2, 2013

3 Level Combination ch 19

"Will I Be Able to Feel its Beauty?"

Unhappyguy made this extra release possible. Whether the remaining chapters are released (there are 6 remaining) are entirely dependent on whether any people are willing to clean/typeset.

Here's the third page in Japanese (done by my good friend for fun) if anyone wants to see.



  1. very cool, thanks a lot Noctis and Unhappyguy!!

  2. Glad to hear you may continue this.

    What do you think of Afterschool Military Activity(I am not sure about the name) is it awesome like other Ha Il Kwon works? I saw it getting a lot of votes, so is it good? I do wonder if it is touchy like the others...
    Btw, i am not asking you to pick it up though it would be nice :D

  3. Hey. I've never read it, and sorry but I'm not picking up any new projects. I just wanted to finish the ones I do have.

  4. I thought you would be reading it since you translated Ha Il Kwon's works before, and wondered your opinion on it like if it is a promising series and such...
    Thanks for your hard work and time you spent on translating all this manhwa/manga already. And trying to finish 3 level comb. is much more than enough,for me, since it seemed like it wouldn't get picked by another group. Thanks anyway, you are already awesome for me 'cause of Mhib translations :D

  5. Yep I'm a huge fan of Ha il-kwon's MHIB, but I haven't read most of his other works. The only ones I've read are 3LC and God of Bath. He's a seasoned author though and it probably will be a good one, though it might be hard to find someone to pick it up since it doesn't seem as initially interesting as his previous works.
    I'm glad you enjoyed MHIB, that's my favorite ha il-kwon work too. I kinda wish sometimes though that I'd started working on it after I'd had more experience with scanlating, so that it'd look better.


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