Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Level Combination ch 10


Whew, done with all my finals (I did reasonably well).

Got this done this morning, Aphorism ch 22 is coming next, either tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon. Then, Aku no Meshitsukai if my joints work out.

Enjoy the read.


  1. Awesome!! Thanks sooooo much for the new release on this great webtoon.

  2. Thanks for the release! I'm glad your finals went okay. Shouldn't you be taking a rest after getting done with all these exam crap instead of scanlating? Haha, I'm very happy we got 3LC though~ Looking forward to more chapters!

    1. Ahaha well scanlating is kinda what I do for fun (I'm a loser). Thanks for reading, keep updated!

  3. Thanks for the release!


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