Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Heart is Beating ch 23

Looking for CLEANERS, mostly for my other potential projects not for MHIB. If you can help, drop me your e-mail so I have a way to contact you back!

I've finished translating Water Cube (the Japanese version of MHIB) ch 2 by the way. Does anyone wanna clean? C'mon cleaners, I know you're out there. This is page one so you can see the quality, which is kinda bad pretty damn good:

Thanks all for the comments.



  1. Dear GOD.
    First of all,I'm the first one to comment. WOO-HOO
    2nd, DUDE (or Dudette, dunno which one it is), DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME AND EPIC YOU ARE??
    3nd, Greetings from Lithuania (google it to find out where the hell that is)


    1. dude is correct
      I didn't know Lithuanians (?) spoke english. that's awesome!

      thanks for commenting

  2. Agreeing with CookyJar I'm in heaven right now THANK YOU!!!!

  3. just want to say a big thank you again for this chapter and the quality is ok you can read it just made my day love it :)

  4. Thanks alot, you are incredibly fast! I'm looking forward for more.

  5. Thank you! Story's getting interesting.

  6. Thank you so much for doing so many My Heart is Beating chapters so fast! Aaah, I'm nervously waiting for the next chapter. This is so good <3 Thank you!!

  7. Thanks for translating~


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