Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm a one-man team (for now). I translate from Japanese and Korean to English. I work for another scanlation team right now on two other projects: Death Edge and 360 Degrees Material, but I wanted to work on something I liked for once. 

These two are on my agenda. Chosen because I like them, and because the scanlators working on them are too slow (or in Aku no Meshitsukai's case, the translation is just bad).

My scanlations are completely amateur, particularly the typesetting (and cleaning if that ever happens...which is unlikely). Please enjoy nevertheless.
My Heart is Beating (manhwa)

Aku no Meshitsukai (manga)


  1. Yessss, servant of evil!!

  2. Good luck! I just read Aku no Meshitsukai, then went to the forum, then saw your post, then saw you liked nononono then decided to support you with AnM project! :D

    1. Ahaha yes...are you also a fan of nononono? It's great. AnM won't be coming out without a cleaner though...but thanks for support


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