Monday, August 6, 2012

Aku no Meshitsukai ch 06

Final chapter in volume 1, and volume 2 is (unfortunately) not out in Japan. If you find news of when (or if) volume 2 is released, inform me thanks.

Redraws and the denoising are kind of bad because I did some of them, but oh well.

Enjoy the read.

Aphorism ch 34 is coming, I swear...and so is 3LC. Once I stop being lazy.


  1. Thank you for the release!! :D

  2. This series came out in 2010? Maybe it has already discontinued? D:

  3. Thank you!! Loved it! xD

  4. I think so, but I'm always visiting the author's blog and there's nothing. I don't know if the continue releasing and there's no one interessed or if they dropped it. I'll pray to be wrong. Thank you very much for translating.


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