Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Level Combination ch 13


Another depressing chapter it is!

Some news are in order-

1. Mediafile may no longer be a reliable file host. I'll continue to upload there, but I'll be uploading mirrors as well from now on (or at least dafortminor will be).
2. Me and dafortminor (my buddy from LivelyScans) made a new scanlation team (because he hates the name Noctis Op.92) called "Vendetta Scans" and 3 Level Combination will now be deemed as being under that group. I'll still continue to update 3LC releases on this blog as well though so no worries.
3. That's about it!

Next is Aphorism and Aku, but my new group Vendetta Scans will be doing some new projects as well (interesting ones, I promise you).

Oh - Noctis Op.92 is mainly a one-man team, and I scanlate whatever I want whenever I want. Vendetta Scans will be more of a legit group, where I'll be forced into translating things and stuff.

Anyways, enjoy the read.


  1. Oh wow .. what a chapter. Such a messed up world.

    Thanks for the release!

    1. and a messed up webtoon
      thanks for commenting

  2. Dropping by to say hi and good job on the scanlations :)

  3. Oh my god. I can't even describe my feelings right now, except the feeling of gratitude towards you by releasing "3 level combination" chapter 13.


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